Parish of Shapinshay in 1841

The person appointed by the Sheriff to divide the Parish was Peter Farquharson a Schoolmaster living at Little Ousquay in Enumeration District 2. The Minister of the Parish was John Barry living at the Manse in Enumeration District 2 but who was absent on census night visiting the Minister of Evie.
6 persons were listed as sleeping outside or in boats, barns etc.

Enumeration District 1 containing 83 houses with Enumerator Peter Farquharson is described as:
So much of the parish of Shapinshay as lies within the boundaries of Soundston

Enumeration District 2 containing 54 houses with Enumerator John Irvine is described as:
So much of the parish of Shapinshay as lies within the boundaries of Sandston

Remarks of Sheriff
The population of the Island of Shapinshay by the Census of 1841 is

inclusive of those who slept in Barns and Sheds on the night of 6th June 935
By the Census of 1831 it was809
Increase 126

Chas Shirreff

Enumeration District 3 containing 62 houses with Enumerator David Hepburn is described as:
The rest of the parish of Shapinshay lying north east of Sandston and comprised within the boundaries of Hollandston
Peter Farquharson as Person appointed to divide the Parish recorded the following remarks:
The Census of the Parish of Shapinshay as stated in this & Nos 1 & 2 Schedule Books, is collectively 441 Males & 494 Females; Total 935, being an increase of 126 above the aggregate number (809) of Inhabitants in the Parish as specified in the Decennial Census of 1831. The apparent increase of Population in this Parish cannot be attributed to any universal or partial influx of Inhabitants on any particular occasion during the last ten years, but is to be ascribed wholly to the progressive extension of the Cod and Herring Fisheries whereby the rising generation, with few exceptions, have been induced to remain in the Parish & engage in these branches of speculative adventure. The computed number of persons resident in the Parish but who were absent on the night of the 6th current is 5. I am not cognisant of any instances of emigration from the Parish to the Colonies, or elsewhere, during the last six months.
Peter Farquharson

Certified by John Barry  Minister of the Parish of Shapinshay

Remarks of Sheriff
The Enumerator of this District has not attended to that part of the Directions prefixed respecting the manner of inserting surnames at the head of the family. In other respects the Census of the parish of Shapinshay seems to have been correctly taken on a collation of the Household with the Enumerators Schedules.
Chas Shirreff  Sheriff Substitute of Orkney