Parish of North Ronaldshay in 1841

The person appointed by the Sheriff to divide the Parish was Robert Scarth and the Minister of the Parish was Adam White, neither are recorded in the census of this parish.
No persons were listed as sleeping outside or in boats, barns etc.

Enumeration District 1 containing 34 houses with Enumerator William Thomson is described as:
So much of the island and parish of North Ronaldshay Quoad Sacra formerly part of the United Parishes of Cross Burness and North Ronaldshay as lies north and east of Matches Dike comprising the townships of West and East North Yard

Remarks of Sheriff

By the Census of 1831 the total population of North Ronaldshay was 522
By the Census of 1841 it is481

Chas Shireff

Enumeration District 2 containing 58 houses with Enumerator William Fea is described as:
The rest of the island and parish of North Ronaldshay lying south and west of Matches Dike comprising the townships of Busta, Ness, Holland and Linklet
Robert Scarth as Person appointed to divide the Parish recorded the following remarks:
One Male and five Females have left this parish and gone to the adjacent Islands during the last six months. Six Males are absent.

The Minister added:
In consequence of the diminution of the Population of this Island since the period of last census, I think it proper to state that since that time ten families have left the island amounting I believe to about 60 individuals.
Adam White  Minister of N Ronaldshay